Dry Eye Solutions

Are you suffering from burning, red, irritated eyes? Do your eyes feel tired after a long day of work at the computer? You may be one of the millions of people suffering from Dry Eye Disease. Dr. Obertynski will complete several diagnostic tests followed by a thorough examination of the ocular surface to develop a personalized treatment protocol just for you.

University Eye Care is excited to be among the first in Michigan to offer the state of the art Lipiflow procedure for dry eye!  A majority of patients have evaporative dry eye which results from a deficiency in the oily lipid layer of the eye’s tear film.  This occurs when the oil glands in the eyelids (the Meibomian glands) become blocked.

Without the oily protective layer, the tears evaporate more quickly leading to dry eye symptoms. Using thermal pulsation, Lipiflow heats the inside of the lids with simultaneous external pressure to the outside lids. This removes Meibomian gland blockage and restores gland function.

In addition, Dr. Obertynski performs the Blephex procedure that painlessly removes crusting and debris from the eyelid margins caused by Blepharitis.  Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria living along the lid and base of the eyelashes.  Since the eyelids are difficult to clean, this overgrowth of bacteria and debris can accumulate over many years, greatly exacerbating symptoms of dry eye.  Thanks to Blephex, Dr. Obertynski can safely and precisely clean and exfoliate your eyelids and lashes which will almost immediately improve your symptoms.

University Eye Care also has products for purchase in office, including tears, eyelid cleansers, heat masks, and vitamin supplements to help with your dry eye care needs.  Stop the vicious cycle of dry eye and come in for a specialized dry eye consultation today!

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