Laser Vision Correction


Understanding Laser Vision Correction

Rolain iLasik ConsultDr. Rolain is highly trained and certified in multiple refractive surgery procedures. In fact, he is the Director of Refractive Surgery at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital and teaches young surgeons in these various techniques. What’s best for you depends on the unique characteristics of your eyes and the kind of laser correction you need.

Dr. Rolain is very excited to offer the iLasik procedure, the ultimate in laser vision correction!  This technology includes the exclusive combination of the IntraLase Laser, Advanced CustomVue Technology and the VISX S4 Laser.

The iLasik Technology Suite includes the IntraLase iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser, the Star S4 IR Excimer Laser and the iDesign CustomVue Wavescan machine.

With Intralase Technology, the LASIK flap is created with a LASER, not a blade, providing a safer, more precise LASIK treatment.

CustomVue Wavescan Technology produces a detailed map of your eye, and transfers this information to the VISX S4 Laser. The laser uses this information to apply a custom treatment pattern that reshapes the cornea to create a new curvature and correct your vision.  Each patient receives a treatment that is personalized for them.

During the treatment, the VISX S4 Laser eye tracking feature monitors eye movements and keeps the laser beam on target during surgery.  If a patient’s eye moves during the procedure, the laser moves precisely with the eye or shuts down if the movement is extreme.  This produces better visual outcomes and lowers LASIK complications.

Now that the iLASIK procedure is available, there’s really no reason to put off having laser vision correction!  In fact, all branches of the U.S. military and NASA have approved LASIK for their servicemen and women thanks to studies using iLASIKTM technology. Even better, the majority of people who are healthy and have stable vision are good candidates for the iLASIK procedure.

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